Coaching is a means of personal development, that offers the opportunity to individuals to work in a 1:1 setting on their specific work-related issues:

My role a coach is :

  • to support self awareness of my clients
  • to open up alternative perspectives on their issues at hand
  • to strengthen and use the existing resources of my clients
  • to develop, test and evaluate different options together with my clients


Typical reasons for coachings are:

  • personal development after a 360 degree– feedback
  • "yesterday colleague - today your boss"
  • Supporting the next step in the carrier
  • Decision processes in carrier development - work-life balance
  • Intercultural coaching: Individual counselling in intercultural issues


The methodological backbone of my coachings is a training in systemic counselling and classic elements of behaviour modification taken from behavioural therapy.
I understand coaching as helping my clients to help themselves: In the coaching process my clients discover through self awareness and testing new behavioural/cognitive patterns  solutions that fit their personality and their problems.
Depending on the demands of the client the starting point of the coaching could be a self assessment with the help of suitable psychological tests. They often help to clarify the focus of the coaching and the self-understanding of the client. In this case I use a variety of scientific sound instruments  (e.g. BIP-6F oder Scheins career anchors, etc.).

Suitable coaching locations can either by my office in Munich (Harlaching) or any other undisturbed place the client chooses.