Interkulturelles Angebot

My intercultural trainings differ from the offers of many competitors in their pronounced transfer-orientation.
Participants are challenged in the trainings and do not simply receive informations about cultural regions, but derive themselves an understanding of the relevant culture on the basis of authentic cases and apply their insights to their work in the training.
Therefore participants do write E-mails, lead meetings, simulate telephon-conference or personal talks in the training. They receive immediate feedback and many questions that normally come up after the training can be dealt with in the seminar-room.
Thus participants develop active intercultural competence instead of inert knowledge without the ability to apply it.

You find my personal understanding of quality in training (and its scientific roots) in an article I have written together with a colleague:

Kammuber, S., Schmid, S. (2007) Train the intercultural trainer - zur Qualitätssicherung interkultureller Trainings.)

My intercultural training seminars (or workshops or programmes) are characterised by three central elements:

  1. Reflecting one’s own cultural imprint and its impact on a partner from a different culture,
  2. a deeper understanding of the partner’s way of perceiving, thinking, feeling and acting,
  3. expansion of the participant’s individual repertoire of action and explanation to achieve a higher level of effectiveness and satisfaction for all parties involved.

Neither in Germany nor in other countries are there recipes for fulfilling social expectations in the complex world of business.
Trainings, that take this in their design and didactics into account are more challenging for trainers and participants. They also need more time, but as research and evaluations proof - they are far more effective than solely information based trainings. 

Training - Formats


  • Intercultural Awareness  for persons, who work with people from different cultural backgrounds. This training type is for many of my customers the standard module for their employees working in an international environment. 
  • Country-specific intercultural trainings: Please refer to the map above to find out which countries my colleagues and I do cover. If the country that you need is not indicated - don't hesitate to give me a call. Very often I can recommend experienced colleagues.
  • Phase-related intercultural training seminars

    • Pre-departure training seminars (also with partner/family)
    • On-site training seminars/coaching
    • Reintegration training seminars
    • Integration training seminars for incomings to Germany
    • Intercultural team development
    • Intercultural conflict management
    • Interreligious moderation and mediation
    • Intercultural competence in migration counselling

Please contact me directly if you cannot find your preferred offering here or if you are interested in more detailed information. With your help I will gladly develop a product which fits your needs. We can always fall back on experts from my network if required.