A team-building workshop offers the chance to compare and align the mutual expectations and ideas of cooperation within team and with the team-leader. This  is a fundamental precondition for a constructive, trusting and creative atmosphere within the team. 
Within a team building process potential areas of conflict are identified and the team agrees on ways of handling them in the future. We address existing conflicts and develop steps to solve these issues. The focus in a team building is to find a working balance between respecting diversity in the team on the one hand and the need for individual adaptation on the other hand. The team-members develop a shared vision how they want their future cooperation to look like and how they want to achieve this shared goal.

  • Comparing expectations within the team and with the team leader
  • Identifying critical work situations and ways of coping 
  • Strength/weaknesses in the team and ways of development
  • Ideas for future task/topics

Depending on the focus of the team building a systematic team analyses with scientific tools, like the team-climate inventory can be very helpful. 
For years I have been integrating outdoor-elements in my trainings - not as a event, but as a real training element.

With international team, intercultural aspects can/should be integrated in the team building - however it is necessary to clarify, whether a teamwork-shop is a format equally suitable for all team members.
Of course I am happy to counsel you in terms of options for your team.