Training Services

I see  myself as practitioner and scientist at the same time. Therefore it is self-evident for me, that didactics and contend of my trainings are based on current research on teaching and learning.

A mix of methods ensures that people with different learning styles find appropriate learning formats that mirror every day problems in the trainings . This closeness to on the job issues enhances learning motivation and transfer into real live.

To ensure that, an intensive assignment clarification and pre-questionnaires for the participants play a central role for setting up a tailor-made training.
I flexibly integrate workshop and coaching elements in the training depending on the level of experience of the participants. This gives the chance to work on the actual issues  and with the experience of the learners within the training.

 To ensure an emcompassing learning success, the training design triggers all layers of human experiencing: 

  • Thinking (cognitive): The participants acquire indepth-understanding and knowledge about the topic of the training (e.g. cultural differences, leadership, communication patterns).This knowledge is derived from recent research and years of practical experience.


  • Action (behavioural): The participants practise to apply this know-how in the training, they experience the practical problems of implementation within in the training and receive coaching from me on the spot. Besides, questions that arise while transferring new insights into practice are addressed in the training and participants are not on their own after the training.  This transfer-orientation is ensured through a method mix of case-work, simulations, role-plays, peer counselling and video analyses.


  • Feelings (emotional): The participants reflect upon their own emotional reaction in situations that are relevant for the training. They develop an awareness for potential reasons of their reactions and learn how to cope with them (e.g.frustration, fear, denigration, overstraining...).  Comparably to the behavioural level, the emotional reactions are addressed through an experiental approach to learning.