About me

I have been working as a consultant and trainer in the field of intercultural communication and organisational psychology since the year 2000. My training as a psychologist at the Metropolitan University in London and the University of Regensburg has strongly influenced my approach to consulting.
After being employed for several years by a noted consultancy in Munich, I have been supporting companies, organisations and public institutions as a freelance consultant in 2003. Customers call on my services with regard to issues of intercultural human resource management and organisational development.

Besides I am Professor for intercultural and business psychology at the Applied University for Managment FOM in Munich.

A clear pragmatic approach focusing on the prevention of problems and solving current challenges together with the customer is central to my work. My concepts are founded on sound scientific insights and research, and draw on systematic knowledge gained from extensive experience of training and consulting for a great variety of customers and levels in the hierarchy. To ensure a high quality, my counselling is accompanied by continuous research work and I cooperate with a broad network of international partners. I conduct research at the Institute for Cooperation Management and teach at universities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Together with two Polish colleagues, I founded a centre of competence for Eastern and Middle-Eastern Europe EMIC-LAB in Warsaw, which serves as a platform for a network of experts for certain projects and increases accessibility for our customers.

Together with two colleagues I am a founding member of the Senior Expert Consultancy "triangle". Triangle offers a range of services for intercultural challenges on an organisational level. For that we draw on our experience of being on top of the market for more than 15 years.